Practice information


Dr. Magnus Souverein
Veterinary physician Magnus Souverein is the owner of VetCare Amsterdam. Besides patients in the regular clinic he also treats referral dental patients


Dr. Marine Larouillere
Marine works with us as a general practitioner. Her consults are in English or French.


Dental nurse

Joyce Ribbink

My name is Joyce and I recently started working for Vetcare Amsterdam. I started working as a dental assistent in 2017 and I always loved that job. Nevertheless I wanted to work withn animals since I was very young. So this was my chance to combine my education with my passion for animals.

I mostly work asĀ  a dental nurse in the referral clinic. A different animal every day, a different treatment every day. This is what makes my work varied and fun. The love you get from patients that we treated makes me go home with a satisfied feeling!


Savanti Rossouw

My name is Savanti and I am from South-Africa.

I started working as a Veterinary Nurse in 2019 after finishing my Diploma for Veterinary Nursing at the University of Pretoria (Onderstepoort).

I have always loved animals and to work with them everyday is just a bonus.

Providing them the best care possible is very important to me and I will always do my best for each patient.

We moved to the Netherlands in May and we are really enjoying it. I enjoy travelling and being active.

We have four dogs and they bring us so much joy in our life.


Suzanne de Bruijn

Since I was young I felt a love for flowers and animals. I have worked as a florist for years, but unfortunately there is less and less work available. So that’s how I ended up working with animals.

I love taking care of animals and with that helping their owners. I would very much like to go back to school and learn more about them. At home I take care of my neighbour’s cat Floortje.

I spent my free time with my three children. I love gardening, enjoy riding my motorbike and listening to music.


Via the website you can plan a consultation with a veterinarian of your choice.

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