Practice information


In our practice we work on a perfect health for every animal. We believe that we as specialists are the primary source for advice. Together with you we aspire to an optimal health for your pet.

Our goal: Optimal care through knowledge, skill and understanding.

We believe that a healthy cat or dog meets certain criteria:

  1. Perfect protection against various diseases through regular vaccination.
  2. Superb shape through the right amount of the right nutrition.
  3. Quality protection against parasites like fleas and worms through regular treatment with appropriate medication.
  4. Flawless teeth and perfect dental health.
  5. Splendid skin through regular treatment with the correct care products.

We are at your service when choosing for optimal health! Our practice disposes of every possibility to give your pet this care as well.


Your first call point in our clinic are our counter assistants. They welcome you at arrival, process phone calls and e-mails and conclude your visit after the consultation or treatment.


Separated waiting rooms for dogs and cats; a friendly and natural environment; modern and eminent equipment. In every aspect we want your visit to be a success. While you are waiting with a cup of coffee and watching television or reading a magazine, our team carries out an optimum procedure. Your pet is our care!


Our medical records are fully digitized. We work with modern online programs so nothing can get lost. Also, communicating with specialists and associated practices is easy, quick and efficient this way.


Whether it is for a day as part of a treatment, or for a longer time as part of an extended stay, our clinic is accommodated with everything necessary to make your pet comfortable. Heated cages, oxygenators, infusion pumps and around-the-clock security. This way we try to make your pet’s stay as enjoyable as possible. And naturally, we all love animals, so hugs are part of the deal!


Prevention is better than cure. That is why we find it important to have your pet visit us regularly. For that reason half-yearly dental check-ups are free. We also perform a full physical examination at every visit. This way we hope to detect problems at an early stage and thereby keep your pet as healthy as possible.


Our weight management program has won multiple awards. Under supervision of a certified nutrition consultant we help pets lose weight responsibly. Our six-month consultation program is intended to once more fully examine your puppy or kitten and advise you in these crucial months of your pets life.

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