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Dear pet owner,


In light of the increasing number of infections with the corona virus in the Netherlands our government has given advice. We as a veterinary clinic would like to keep to this advice. We are a care providing facility, hence we will not close our doors. We feel, that our patients are in need of our care at all times. Besides, we feel we have a responsability to our clients as well. Therefore we would like to inform you of the following (temporary) changes within our clinic.


  1. We feel it is important to try to prevent direct and indirect contact with our clients for now. More than ever we will be focused on hygiene and desinfection inside the clinic. We wil not shake your hand and ask you to try to pay without direct contact as much as possible. Desinfectant gels will be available in our waiting room and consult rooms.


  1. To avoid unnecessary crowding in the waiting room, we ask you to come with as little amount of people as possible. Clients who show signs of viral infection will be asked to wait outside.


  1. Of course we would also like to serve clients belonging to so called risk groups (elderly people, people with any underlying disease). If you call us in advance we can work out a solution with you.


  1. House calls will not be done for the time being.


  1. If you want to visit us to pick up food and/or medication please call us in advance, so we can make sure your order is already processed and ready to be picked up.



We get questions about the role of our pets in this viral outbreak. Both dogs and cats can have disease caused by a Corona virus. In these cases a type A Corona virus is involved. The outbreak of Covid 2019 in humans is caused by a Corona virus type B. Transfer of the virus between humans and animals has not been shown up until now.


Vetcare, veterinary clinic

Vetdent, referral centre for veterinary dentistry.

4 December 2018 Uncategorized


During the holidays we have different opening hours on the following days:

Monday December 24th                       9.00 – 16.00 uur

Monday December 31st                        9.00 – 16.00 uur

We are closed on December 25th and 26th and on Tuesday January 1st.

Happy Holidays!

17 January 2018 Uncategorized

February is dental month at Vetcare. When you bring your pet for a free dental checkup you will receive a nice present.

Furthermore we have a 10% reduction on all dental treatments during this month.

You can make an appointment through the website or by calling 020-6127398.



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Starting June 1st the conditions for payment through factoring have been changed. Due to the large number of delayed payments Famed is forced to charge us more for this service. This means that we will no longer provide payment through Famed for new clients. Unfortunately we will have to raise the surcharge to 10%.

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To accomodate our English speaking clients we have translated our website in English. We are happy to serve numerous clients from outside of The Netherlands and we realise that it’s not always easy for them to find information on their pets in their native language. So now it’s here!

Large parts of the website have been translated, but the process is still going on. Please bear with us, we will get there eventually….

To access the english written part of the website you can use the language switch on the upper right corner on the homepage. If you are using your browser in english this is done automatically.

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